BlueHost Review 2021: Every Professional Blogger Choice

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Bluehost Review 2021

bluehost wordpress hosting
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Ipage web hosting

Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting companies. It is providing Free SSL, Free domain, and CDN.

  • Unlimited SSD space and bandwidth
  • Free domain name
  • Very good supportive team
  • Free SSL certificate, CDN and many more

Are you looking for the best WordPress optimized web hosting service to launch your business online? If yes, this is for you. You can check this Bluehost Review 2021 before going to the action. This Bluehost Shared hosting review will give the complete idea of why Bluehost is the best for your better online presence and reputation.

Bluehost provides webspace to the users to store data, images, videos, and any other data you would like to display on your web pages. In this post today, I am going to share the detailed review of Bluehost shared hosting for WordPress users.

Different hosting providers in the industries provide different features to the users. There are hundreds of hosting providers in the industries who provide hosting and only a few of them provide genuine hosting services at better prices. Now the question is, which hosting is best for our needs? 

In my blogging,  I have purchased and tried a lot of Hosting services. And,  have found these three as best hosting service providers. The first one is the Bluehost, the second one is the iPage, and the third one is the Siteground. 

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When talking about storing and handling data in the hosting servers, there is nothing to be scared of. Everything is taken care of by your CMS and blogging platform you choose. The only one thing you need to think before choosing a hosting is the storage capacity and the bandwidth provided by the service. It is providing Free SSL, great 24/7 customer support (to solve your technical issue and questions from hosting side on your sites), free marketing tools, free Cloudflare CDN and with 30 days money refund policy. 

The payment for the web hosting service is usually annual or monthly and in addition to increased storage. You don’t need to suffer or annoy your readers with unwanted advertisements (including free hosts are sufficient to support yourself).

What is Bluehost?

Bluehost was founded in 2003 with one goal: to make a better hosting company. It is built on open source technology, since then it has grown to become one of the world’s largest providers of cloud-based online solutions.

This is the most famous company owned by Endurance International Group. This is one of the 20 largest web hosting companies.

As a part of small and medium-sized business owners succeed online, Endurance, through its family of brands – including Bluehost, HostGator, iPage, MOJO Marketplace, and ResellerClub.

In 2009, Bluehost introduced a new feature to all customers – CPU throttling (Dynamic frequency scaling). It is the process of reducing user’s CPU usage whenever the particular user is pulling “too much” server resources at one time.

Why Bluehost?

Do you know that Bluehost is also recommended by WordPress? BlueHost is the most trusted hosting service provider and many bloggers and business website owners choose Bluehost as their hosting partner. It can be chosen because of its genuine service provided yet at lower prices. 

Excellent and Reliable Service 

Considering the uptime is a very important thing which you should not forget before going on with a hosting service. It guarantees an online connection 99.9% uptime, which means that its servers remain online 99.9% of the time. 

Bluehost is slightly faster since they have 3 datacenters with more than 70,000 feet square space hosting multiple fiber lines of 10 GB.

The company will feature small cuts periods during the year for maintenance. This is completely normal since they are looking for new ways to provide better service to their customers. Also, they have a power backup system to ensure that all servers are active during power problems.

Bluehost Review

Bluehost provides excellent service to its customers. There are hundreds of positive Bluehost reviews. It provides all the necessary features in a single hosting plan. Bluehost has a solid history, understand the support of a good team with affordable hosting plans.

Bluehost puts their customers forward and provides excellent service. When considering the reviews of the hosting users, we have mostly found positive reviews about their good support and better prices.

My experience with Bluehost server

I have been using it for 2 years with my personal blog when coming to the speed of the server. Even though Bluehost is not as good as some other hostings like siteground, this hosting gave me good experience. When coming to the uptime, no hosting service will provide a 100% uptime. It may be because of any technical issues like server maintenance. While in my experience It gave a solid uptime with minimum downtimes which are comparatively less. The Bluehost Optimized Hosting for WordPress is perfect.

What are the features of Bluehost?

While coming to the features of Bluehost, the below are some noticeable features.

1. Customer Support

Bluehost offers 24-hour technical support, you can even connect with them on social networks and send them a message if you need help with anything, usually the response is immediate, and never take more than 24 hours to respond.

2. Accessible service and payment options 

The service costs about $5 a month, and you can choose to pay monthly or annually (as I do with one of my personal blogs). Access to services is unlimited and does not have the load limit, with confidence that can upload large files.

3. Visits Limitations

This is an important point to keep in mind, perhaps you believe that your blog does not receive a huge amount of visits. So the support of visits is not a problem, but I think it would happen if you write a post that becomes very popular overnight.

Start receiving thousands of extra visitors to your blog, and you do not have adequate support from your server. Simply collapsing your blog, will fall and lose that traffic extra, they also help better position your blog on Google with a certain topic.

4. Free Domains, Emails, and Extras – Additional Add-ons

Bluehost also offers free domain hosting with unlimited domains, unlimited subdomains until 2500 POP E-Mails (these are the emails that can be personalized with the name of your domain, the bone of your blog). The control panel is straightforward and easy accessibility.

It has many free scripts and plugins, famous for WordPress, Joomla, ModX, Drupal. Also, scripts for e-commerce, list email, live chat, photo gallery, forums, and more. Bluehost is a US-based company. Two years back it was launched in India also.

All this is perhaps a lot more than you ever will use for your blog, but more importantly, you do not have traffic restrictions or data storage.

5. Control panel

It has deployed an incredibly customized version of cPanel which looks clean and simple. The Bluehost Control panel is very good with an easy interface. The Bluehost shared hosting cPanel has standard features and settings compared to all hosting companies.

In Bluehost, you can install CMS scripts like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and many other scripts with a single click.

6. Website Builder

This is the unique feature of Bluehost hosting. By using the Website Builder, you can create your pages easily. With this tool, you can drag the various elements that will allow you to build your website with lots of templates and elements readily available.

No need to know HTML or any other programming language to use this tool. We have tested this tool and it is handy and easy to use.

Bluehost Plans and Pricing

The Bluehost plans are very reliable and worthy of the price. There are basically four different hosting types in BlueHost which are Shared Web Hosting, VPS web hosting, Dedicated web hosting, and finally the WordPress web hosting. It does not include Cloud hosting in its service. They also provide reseller hosting for resellers. The plans and pricing of each hosting are provided below. 

1. Shared hosting

Unlike other hosting companies, Bluehost only offers a simple Bluehost shared hosting plan. You will not have to waste time comparing hosting plans and features. Bluehost provides all the necessary features for its unique hosting plan.

If you’re new to create a website, you will find everything super easy on Bluehost. You can set up your page in less than 10 minutes.

The plan of “special” Bluehost shared hosting offers the following features:

BasicPlusChoice Plus
Normally $7.99Normally $10.99Normally $14.99
1 WebsiteUnlimited WebsitesUnlimited Websites
Free SSL CertificateFree SSL CertificateFree SSL Certificate
50 GB SSD StorageUnmetered SSD StorageUnmetered SSD Storage
Free Domain for 1 YearFree Domain for 1 YearFree Domain for 1 Year
5 Parked DomainsUnlimited Parked DomainsUnlimited Parked Domains
25 SubdomainsUnlimited SubdomainsUnlimited Subdomains
$200 Marketing Credit$200 Marketing CreditCodeGuard Basic Backup

The Bluehost Shared hosting Plans and Pricing are given below

Prices tend to change periodically. So use the button below to see prices.


Normally $7.99 / Month

  • 1 Year Plan – $5.95 /month
  • 2 Year Plan – $4.95 / Month
  • 3 Year Plan – $3.95 / Month

Plus (Most Popular Plan)

Normally $10.99 / month

  • 1 Year Plan – $8.95 /month
  • 2 Year Plan – $7.95 / Month
  • 3 Year Plan – $6.95 / Month

Choice Plus

Normally $23.99 / month

  • 12 months Price – 19.95 / month
  • 24 months Price – 16.95 / month
  • 36 months Price – 14.95 / month

2. VPS Web hosting

bluehost vsp hosting plans
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The VPS Hosting is the virtual private server hosting which comes next to the shared hosting. The VPS hosting gives you total control over your servers and you will also have full root access to your files and data. You can choose this hosting if you are planning a large website or an online tool that requires a basic VPS server. 

  • 2 Cores, 4 Cores
  • 2 GB RAM,4 GB RAM, 8 GB RAM
  • Unmetered SSD Storage
  • 1 TB Bandwidth, 2 TB Bandwidth, 3 TB Bandwidth
  • 1 IP Addresses, 2 IP Addresses

In the Bluehost VPS hosting there are three different plans which come with different prices and features. 

  • Standard: $19.99 your first month, up to $29.99 after that
  • Enhanced: $29.99 your first month, up to $59.99 after that
  • Ultimate: $59.99 your first month, up to $119.99 after that

3. Dedicated Web hosting

If you are still looking for a hosting that gives you full server resources and your site should be able to handle a huge amount of traffic you can choose this dedicated server. You can also choose a shared hosting plan in the beginning and later upgrade to this dedicated server as your site grows on.

dedicated bluhost hosting
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The dedicated hosting also includes three different plans which come in features depending on the price you pay monthly.

4. WordPress Web hosting

The WordPress and the shared hosting plan and prices are alike, the only thing that differs in the hosting is that the WordPress hosting is fully dedicated to WordPress services like one-click install and other necessary features. Thousands of WordPress hosting reviews are giving a very good move to every new online business starter. There are three different plans in the WordPress hosting with features based on the price.


Normally $7.99 / Month

  • 1 Year Plan – $5.95 /month
  • 2 Year Plan – $4.95 / Month
  • 3 Year Plan – $3.95 / Month

Plus (Most Popular Plan)

Normally $10.99 / month

  • 1 Year Plan – $7.95 /month
  • 2 Year Plan – $6.95 / Month
  • 3 Year Plan – $5.95 / Month

Choice Plus

Normally $14.99 / month

  • 12 months Price – $7.45 / month
  • 24 months Price – $6.45 / month
  • 36 months Price – $5.99/ month

5. Reseller hosting

The reseller hosting is for those who want to sell parts of hosting to others.  The best thing is that Bluehost allows you to promote the reseller hosting on your brand name without any restrictions and also you will get 24/7 customer support for any issues. You can create multiple cPanels which you can sell to your clients. 

There are four different plans in the reseller hosting. Which starts at a price of $18.99 per month. All the servers come in Linux. Each plan of the hosting depends on the storage space and the bandwidth.

Pros and Cons of Bluehost

Every hosting has its own benefits along with the drawbacks. The pros and cons of Bluehost are also discussed below. 


  • By choosing BlueHost as your hosting partner you can easily upgrade to any plan in the future from your current plan.
  • Bluehost provides you a free domain name which is valid for one year.
  • Bluehost gives you a cPanel along with your hosting account which comes with free antispam features built-in.
  • They guarantee a 99.9% uptime guarantee for the servers.
  • You can request money back within 30 days if you feel the service provided is not up to your requirements.
  • Many of the plans in the hosting provide unlimited storage and bandwidth.


  • From reviews of the users who used Bluehost, it is found that their response time for customer support is very high. This is due to its large user community.
  • The pricing of Bluehost is very less for the first time you buy but when you renew the pricing is very high.
  • The server locations are only in the US.
  • They won’t provide free site backups. For security purposes, you need to do your own backups of your site regularly.
  • They won’t provide you free site migrations. To use the site migration service you need to pay about $150 for 5 websites.
  • You will get servers in Linux. If you are looking for windows-based hosting for your websites, then BlueHost is not your choice.

Comparison with Other Hosting

Bluehost Vs SiteGround

Well, each of the hostings has its own perks. On overall features, SiteGround wins the race. And coming to the prices initial and renewal, Bluehost is the right choice for any kind of customer. 

Free Domain NameYESNO
Recommended by WordPressYESYES
Free SSL Certificate YESYES
Cloudflare CDNYESYES
Free MigrationYESYES (For 1 site)
Google Cloud Platform InfrastructureNoYES
Price Starts atFrom $2.95/monthFrom $6.99/month
ActionGrab the HostGrab the Host

Bluehost vs Godaddy

These are both popular hosting services in the industry. Godaddy’s domain registration service makes it better all in one option to its customers. The BlueHost and the Godaddy are both feature-rich and give excellent performance. The Bluehost offers slightly better support when compared to Godaddy Hosting. On an overall scale, BlueHost takes the lead in providing better hosting service to its customers when compared to the Godaddy hosting service. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is Bluehost a good host?

    In comparison with other popular hosting services, the Bluehost is best for its uptime features and storage. This is the best choice for those who prefer a cheap hosting with great features, 

  2. What is Bluehost for?

    Bluehost is best for its cheapest plans. They provide hosting services at low yet reasonable prices. You can also choose Bluehost because of its uptime guarantee. They provide guaranteed uptime of up to 99.9% which is best in the industry.

  3. Is Bluehost good for the UK?

    The servers of the BlueHost are located in the UK itself, hence choosing Bluehost for the UK is good and gives you good speed. 

  4. Which is better: Bluehost or Godaddy?

    BlueHost and Godaddy are two different hosting services that have their own unique features. When comparing the price of both the hostings, Godaddy provides hosting at a low cost. But comparing the security and performance, BlueHost leads the path. 

  5. Why is Bluehost bad?

    Bluehost is only considered bad for those who need high-end servers. They are best in providing cheap and shared hosting for its users at affordable prices. 

  6. Why is Bluehost so cheap?

    BlueHost is a remarkable hosting that comes at cheap pricing. I would recommend anyone this hosting service who looks for a reputed company with an affordable price in the industry. 

Bluehost Review 2021

Satish Ithamsetty

Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting companies. It is providing Free SSL, Free domain, and CDN. It is using CPU throttling technology which helps to handle the sudden traffic either human nor bot.
Ease of Use
Speed and Security
Free domain name


This is a special Bluehost Shared Hosting Review. The above points will give the best understanding of Bluehost Shared hosting services. I am providing a special discount coupon for new bloggers, new hosting buyers, and already existing users (Register a new account and you can shift the blogs to the new account). Best Shared Web Hosting is Bluehost shared hosting. They offer a 60% great discount for the new customers. If you are already a Bluehost user, planning to change your host, then try these Bluehost Alternatives and Best Siteground alternatives now. You can check the Bluehost Black Friday Deal 2021 to save more than 70%.

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