How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Services in 2021?

Are you getting ready to move your website to a brand-new host, or want to launch all-new sites?

Selecting a host can be a complicated process, mainly because there are many companies providing low-cost or complimentary organizing. This article helps you How to choose the best web hosting for your needs?

While it is appealing to just sign up for totally free hosting, there are significant variables to remember, and you’ll commonly discover a paid host is far more helpful.

Sometimes, pay a hundred, or even a thousand dollars per month just for owning a hosting. There appear to be many choices for users including web hosting with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, Free domain name, and Email address.

Before selecting a web host provider, write your needs to start a blog on the paper. Before going to the concept, know the basics services available online, to pick a web hosting correctly.

  • How do we choose if web hosting is good?
  • Do bandwidth and disk storage space still matter nowadays?
  • Which sort of existing service should you select?

By increasing the web hosting companies which provide web hosting, More people are confusing in choosing better web hosting service. Just by paying a few dollars per month, you can own hosting for your website–even for free.

What is a Web hosting service?

Web hosting is an Internet professional service that allows businesses and individuals to submit their websites onto the web and web hosting also known as hosting service providers, is a company or firm that provides the tools and modern technologies required for the websites, applications to be viewed in the web.

The hosted websites are hosting on different computers with high security. These are called Servers. At the point of time viewers need to see your site on the Worldwide Web, they should enter your site address or the name of your domain into their web browsers. Once the user enters the site address in their web browser, their Personal Computer will associate with your web hosting server. Finally, Your web pages will be loaded in the user browser.

Types of Web hostings

Based on the strategies of the websites, web hosting can be divided into 5 main types. They are Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, and Reseller hosting.

1. Shared Hosting

  • Shared hosting is the most popular hosting with the best features. They will provide you with an account on a shared server with other users.
  • It means you do not own but share resources like bandwidth, storage, and the processor unit.
  • There is a small disadvantage with shared hosting. The same server may handle a hundred or even a thousand websites in a shared manner.
  • Mostly it is or the website which has low views and unlimited resources. 
  • In case you need a website for enterprise or individual, shared hosting would be the best choice with a positive value and reasonable price.
  • Keep in mind that not all shared hosting is the same. Each service provider uses different servers with various resources.
  • Some companies launch websites in 1 server greater than others. That is the reason for pay $10/ per month instead of $1.99/ per month for better service.

2. VPS Hosting

  • If you need to use more resources than shared hosting, VPS hosting may be your next choice.
  • VPS enhances website performance, but it doesn’t charge you too much money compared to an advanced server since fewer websites are using the same server.
  • If you need more additional functions from the server-side, this is a perfect choice.  
  • Although VPS is not a physical server, it brings about the same features.

3. Cloud Hosting

  • Cloud web hosting is the same as VPS because it is not a physical server. However, Cloud is connected with many PCs, so it is stable and secure to upgrade.
  • If your website is slow out of lacking the bandwidth or running out of storage, you can upgrade them like a piece of cake. This is also true with CPU, RAM.
  • If your website is developing, the Cloud is what you are looking for. Cloud will provide for you the information of the server where you can customize the resource when you need it.
  • Sometimes VPS and Cloud stick together and turn into hybrid service (better known as Cloud VPS or Scalable VPS).

4. Dedicated Hosting

  • If you are sick and tired of sharing the resources with other users, the Dedicated Hosting will provide for you a 100% physical server.
  • With the powerful function, it equips you with the highest authority of security and editing ability.
  • Before choosing the dedicated hosting, read the expert reviews, security features and support features for quick solutions.

5. Reseller Hosting

  • Reseller hosting is a web hosting with multiple account creation features and multiple control panels. They can provide the service for third party users/clients from your side. The client will use your allotted space and bandwidth only.
  • The reseller purchases the host’s services at the wholesale price, and then sell them to customers, possibly for a profit.
  • It is a cheap and best premium web hosting with unlimited domain hosting features.
  • Reseller Hosting is suitable for web designing companies, which provide a bulk amount of services for a client, Fastly, with high security.
  • The company can be improved to a larger account in a short time without changing the operating structure of a website.

What are the basic features of Web hosting?

Nowadays, there are many different programming languages. But the most popular languages up to date are the main 3 languages: Java, PHP, and dotNet.

That is the reason that there will be 3 main services for these 3 languages. PHP is the most popular language, used with an open function they can use which in many open sources like Joomla, Magento, Xenforo, and WordPress.

Hence, there seem to be many providers who develop these web hosting dedicated to WordPress. The question is the difference between them? Find out more below:

1. WordPress Web Hosting

  • WordPress is an open source CMS. Most of the users are choosing these hosting now. They develop it in 2003 by AUTOMATTIC company. 
  • WordPress showed it wouldn’t stop growing up as an open source for blog development. 
  • Hence, almost all large web hosting companies are providing WordPress Web Hosting plans like Inmotion Hosting, A2 Hosting, BlueHost, iPage, Siteground, and Godaddy.
  • They are providing a one-click installation feature for an easy start without any coding skill.

2. PHP Hosting

  • PHP Hosting is an open language for server and a common language, they widely use this in open resources and supported by most of the hosting providers.
  • That is the reason PHP web hosting has a low price and is supported by many suppliers and developing community.
  • PHP is the scripting language. It is developed by the PHP group. The PHP is an acronym of “PHP Hypertext Preprocessor”.
  • It is the most popular scripting language. It produces dynamic content. Because of the flexibility, PHP became a universal language.
  • Check your hosting provider is supporting PHP based site.

3. Java Hosting

  • Java is an object-oriented programming language, which was born in 1995.
  • While Java is popular with mobile phone software (Android) and computer software, the server of Java is still massive and few users use it, a large company like Amazon or eBay.
  • If you want to develop a website by Java, then make sure you choose the proper web hosting which can support the Java platform.

4. ASP.NET Hosting

  • The ASP.NET Hosting is programming on the dotNET platform of Microsoft.
  • This is a stable platform and is used by many developers with the purpose of coding.
  • However, hosting for ASP.NET is often much fewer, and the price is higher compared to PHP Hosting now that there seem to be many users have to pay the money for copyright Windows server and SQL server of Microsoft.

Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting

A. Linux

Linux is the most popular hosting platform up to now. Linux server is the standard choice of many websites and applications. If you are seeking a hosting that can work with the most popular programming language now (PHP + MySQL) then lets considerate of Linux Hosting.

B. Windows

Windows is developed by giant Microsoft. If you want your server to execute Windows apps, database and programming languages like ASP.NET, you need Windows Hosting.

They can also implement Windows Hosting on this hosting. But the converse is impossible. Windows Web Hosting costs more than Linux Web Hosting, but with the rapid proliferation nowadays, this difference in cost is negligible.

What are web hosting companies?

Thousands of web hosting companies are running on the internet. But few are getting more popular. In that, these are the best web hosting service providers, which are given below.

These are free WordPress hosting services with a free custom domain name. choosing the right web hosting service is very important. Here are the few of the web hosting service providers.

1. A2Hosting


A2Hosting is a well-known web hosting service provider since 2003. It is the best web hosting for small business. The servers are configured for speed optimized WordPress hosting. The company received more awards for its ultra-performance. 

The blazing speed performance giving a significant impact on SEO, User experience and better conversion. The A2Hosting is offering 20 times faster turbo server with high-security features.

2. Arxive Hosting

Arxive hosting

Arxive Hosting is one of the hosting providers who improve the fastest in the world and supply many various plans to the customers to start their own website.

From a free domain name to free making a website system without coding skills, the customers can have their professional website on their own.

Arxive is a provider that fit for those who want to build many websites, yet the finance is not much.

3. HostGator – the Best choice for the long run

hostgator black friday deals 2018

Over the past 10 years of developing, HostGator web hosting always received so much good feedback from the customers.

With the vast and various servers, being a trustworthy partner of many customers all over the world, HostGator always will be the first choice of those who want to develop their system in the long run on the stable and advanced server.

You can install WordPress on Hostgator server within 5 minutes from the user-friendly control panel

4. Siteground – Best support in 24/7

siteground web hosting

With the general supportive service, I can say it Siteground is the leading creator in providing storage service from the resolutions of software to support the first-class customers.

It offers functions for a hosting that you need, including free domain name, email address, Cloudflare CDN, managing cPanel tool with the accessing technology using SSH, unlimited database, and bandwidth, etc., not to consider the money they have to pay to gain the supporting team.  It is having a good control panel web hosting.

I recommend the SiteGround hosting for:

  • Host or create a website in WordPress
  • To Online Stores (eCommerce)
  • Company websites
  • Projects requiring high-performance web: Cloud Computing
  • Agencies and Resellers

What are the special features?

  • Free CDN integration
  • The free domain name for a lifetime
  • Using SuperCacher Technology for better loading
  • 99.99% great uptime
  • Regular backup
  • Great customer support

5. Bluehost – The easiest to use

Bluehost Black Friday deals and sales 2018

BlueHost web hosting is a cup of tea of many people out of simplicity and excellent security. Bluehost will be the perfect choice for those who have the intention to launch the system on cloud hosting or WordPress.

It is the best web hosting for WordPress blogs. Besides, Bluehost is the first choice of new users who want to get help from the providers.

The 24/7 supporting team is always willing to boost your website to customers within couples of minutes. It is the perfect web hosting for WordPress users. 

6. InmotionHosting – The best VPS

inmotion web hosting

If you are searching for a hosting which works for WordPress, Inmotion Hosting may be the answer you are looking for.

With many choices like shared hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting. Also, there appears to be over 20.000 positive feedback, it is no doubt that Inmotion Hosting is a perfect choice for medium and small WordPress website.

There seem to be good functions in WordPress including installation, upgrade, free backup and the best supporting team in 24/7 from the WordPress masters.

Along with the free domain name and the big preferential service which allow the user to repay the money within 90 days, register an account now at Inmotion Hosting.

7. – Cheapest hosting provider

ipage black friday deals 2018

If you are developing a new website and looking for help from the technical support team? IPage is the trusted company for you to work with. It is a cheap web hosting provider at affordable prices. With over 10 years’ experience in developing, the company has been focusing on the individual customers and small enterprises, iPage brought about remarkable experiences for the one who is first time familiarize with technology.

This is the cheapest web hosting provider and best personal website hosting and best web hosting for beginners.

8. WPEngine – Bring about the profession for WordPress

WPEngine Black Friday deals and sales 2018

You are finding the profession for WordPress system, along with the features are for advanced people only. WPEngine is the first brand that pops up in your head.

It has been a partner with large companies like Yelp, Asana, MaxCDN, AMD, SoundCloud, etc…. WPEngine has so many outstanding functions like the firewall which prevents malware.

Besides, SSL, CDN, and speedy reports are also helpful. It provides users with professional services, including art and best maintenance. It is a low cost, affordable e-commerce web hosting provider.  

It is reasonable that the price is not low ($29/ a month), which may not be suitable for everyone. Therefore, you need to consider before becoming a choosing this provider. It is the best web hosting for small business.

9. DreamHost

Dreamhost web hosting

Only providing shared hosting, DreamHost is also a good company for those who want to own a website.

Besides, DreamHost supplies for users many functions in a position to create a beautiful website with an easy-to-use managing system account, 24/7/365 days of supporting and 97 days of repayment.

10. Godaddy – Lightning Fast Host

godaddy black friday deals 2018

Godaddy Web hosting is the familiar name for those who have just got started with developing a website, domain name, etc. Instead of providing to users the system is for building a website, or managing functions, Godaddy supplies lump sum packages that can’t be better.

With just only $3.99/ a month, you can own a WordPress website designed by the top website master of this company. And it can meet the demand which reaches 25,000 page views monthly and free domain name up to 1 year.

If you don’t know where to start (or) you do not understand about how to make a professional website, all you need is to register an account and choose the template, GoDaddy has your cover.

How to Choose the best Web Hosting Service?

How to choose a proper hosting suitable for your need? You may never have a perfect hosting if you don’t know what you need? Before going to the details, set all your knowledge aside and consider, what you are looking for! 

  • How are you building a website?
  • You are using familiar open sources (WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc…)?
  • Do you sort to the Windows Operating system?
  • Do you need a special version of the software (PHP, Java,.NET)?
  • Do your website request special aiding software?
  • How many accessing views do you have each month?

Here is the fundamental question you need to answer when choosing a web hosting. Let’s draw a picture you want to do with your website and what you are expecting after 12 months. After that, you will get the right answer for your choice. Let’s look more about how to choose the best web hosting service.

1. Unlimited Hosting Feature

Most providers nowadays are launching some universal programs including unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, unlimited domain name or email address.

It is, however, not “unlimited.” The providers provide various resources, but when you overuse the data or take too much space of the resource affecting other users, the providers will warn you and the system will restrict your resources for other websites of other users.

And this is also the result of the slowness of your system, or it even can’t work for a while.

Hence, the “unlimited” program gives you the most powerful functions yet always looking for the most suitable web hosting pack with what you need.

2. Location

It is undeniable that location plays a vital role in web hosting where you want to develop your system in that. If you want your website to become widespread among users as fast as possible, then put your site near the place they are living.

There seem to be two solutions to this problem. If your customer is a person who lives in a specific area, put your server near that place. To give an example, your websites are selling for the inhabitants in New York City, choose the providers whose servers locate in New York or the contiguous city.

The second way is to use the “content delivery network” (CDN), so you put the resources of your websites on the worldwide servers.

With CDN, your customers can access the data by the nearest server when going to the site. This method is common to date, but the only drawback is the price is too high.

3. Support service

An important thing you need to remember, that when you register a packet of any providers, you are not only paying money for the technology of that company, but you are also in a business relationship.

There appear to be so many reasons which have nothing to do with technology when deciding on choosing hosting providers.

You need to have faith in the business partner you are accepting. Thus, the estimate of users becomes necessary to any providers.

4. Stability and Security

If your website needs high security or considerable stability, think about switching to VPS now. Because when using resources together with other sites, a virus or hacker can attack your system.

You need a higher controlling authority. In the progress of improving, you need to install more supportive software, advanced customizations to meet the demand of a website.

The question is how to choose a suitable VPS on your own? Click here to find more.

According to my experiences, choose the best web hosting providers who are judged by the majority and have good customer support to solve your technical issues 24/7.

When you need to change web hosting?

If you are using shared hosting, then when is a proper time to update it?

Most of the websites are running using shared hosting, and it is an excellent choice for a beginning website–due to the low price, easier to manage and unnecessary to have the technical skills? However, when the site in the process of improving and request more functions, VPS will be your next choice.

If you are confusing, don’t know when the proper time is, then, here is something you need to consider:

Many people access the website. It depends on whether your website is optimized? Amounts of resources you are using are big or not? the website which has too many pictures or videos will take more resources. With numbers of accessing 1000 viewers/ a day, that will be the proper time for you to think about upgrading the system.

Final Words

Choosing a web hosting provider or web hosting package can be difficult. Before making the last decision, ask yourself and the partners you are cooperating with what you are wondering and concerning.

The answers may help you make the brightest decision for your website. For great savings, you can check Web hosting Black Friday sales to pick your favourite hosting at affordable prices.

Personally, I recommend these most popular web hosting services for your new blog or business below. 

These are affordable web hosting services. If you can not decide on your own, Why don’t you contact us right now? We will try our best to give you the best choice!

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