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How to Migrate WordPress to Siteground By using Siteground Migrator plugin?

Are you planning to migrate WordPress to Siteground hosting? This is a super easy process if you are having a siteground hosting account already. If you do not have your take the advantage of this SiteGround Discount up to 70%. 

Personally, I am using the UpdraftPlus plugin to migrate my WordPress site to another web hosting service when it requires. Of course, this is a fantastic WordPress backup plugin to complete the site migration tasks within a few minutes.

SiteGround has introduced a new WordPress backup plugin for their customers. The name of the tool is SiteGround Migration plugin. This plugin makes it super simple to migrate any WordPress site to your Siteground hosting account. 

How to Migrate WordPress to Siteground with Siteground Migrator plugin

Now I am going to discuss how to migrate WordPress to siteground hosting by using the Siteground Migrator tool. This plugin is perfect for all SiteGround plans. If you are using SiteGround Growbig plan, it is the biggest time saver for every time when you are planning to site migration to your Siteground accounts because this plan allows you to host unlimited websites. You can check the Siteground pricing if you need.

Ok let us go to start learning practically by following the step-by-step migration guide.

How to Migrate WordPress to Siteground from other Hosting Servers?

To start the process, you have to follow the few basic steps before you go.

Step 1: Install Siteground Migrator plugin

To install the free Siteground Migrator plugin, First you have to login into WordPress dashboard to move website free. 

Go for Plugins > Add New from the left column. Then search with the keyword “Siteground Migrator” from the plugin search box

install siteground migrator

After a few seconds, you will find the plugin. Now click on the Install Now button. It will change to Activate. Finally Activate the Siteground Migrator plugin.

Step 2: Generate Migration Token

Now you have to create a Migration Token from the Siteground cPanel dashboard. Let us see how to generate this token.

To get started, you need to login to your Siteground hosting account if you are already a Siteground customer. If you are not a Siteground customer, you have to sign up and pay for a hosting plan. Here I strongly recommend GrowBig plan to host unlimited websites.

After login to siteground, go for Websites > Website > cPanel to access your Siteground control panel dashboard.

go for websites - cpanel

Then go for WordPress Migrator in the “WordPress tools” section. 

choose WordPress Migrator

You will be redirected to the WordPress migrator page. Choose the domain to generate a migration token from the drop down box from the Select Domain option. Once you select the domain name, then click on the Generate button. 

generate migration token

Now you will get the weird looking string characters containing Popup. Just copy all characters from the Migration token popup and ready for the next step.

issued migration token

Step 3: Add the Migration Token

Now you have to go for the Siteground migrator plugin page from the WordPress dashboard. Paste the migration token code in the long box and add the email address to recieve the email when migration is over. 

siteground migrator initiation

Finally hit on the Initiate transfer button to authenticate with your account and to start the migration process.

site domain to be changed

The migration process will take a few minutes to hours to complete. The migration time depends on the size of the site or blog. 

website migration in progress

Once it finishes, you will see the “Transfer Completed Successfully” message. 

transfer completed successfully

Here the site groun will provide the two options to check. The siteground provides the temporary URL to test if your site is loading well – Go to Site. Once you finish the checking process, you have finished the last step to finish this migration process.

Step 4: Update NameServers

After successful migration of your site files to the Siteground hosting, you have to change the Nameservers from the Domain registrant’s DNS reconds instead of the old hosting Nameservers.

This process is different from domain registrants to registrants. In case if the domain name is registered in the Godaddy, you have to login into the Godaddy domain Control center  by using their logins. Then go to your domain name and select the Domain settings page from the list.

Scroll down and choose DNS from the domain name to change Nameservers at the  Domains section.

change NS from godaddy DNS

In the NameServers section, choose the Change option and choose the “I’ll use my own Nameservers” section. Then add the Siteground nameservers as mentioned in the transfer complet message page (Step 3)Finally hit Save button to save the nameservers.

After a few seconds, your site will be loaded from the SiteGround servers.

DNS management and NS update

Final Words about Siteground wordpress Migrations

The Siteground Migrator Plugin is very good and simple to use. I migrated this blog from other hosting to Siteground within 15 minutes because of this handy plugin. It simplified the process of WordPress site migration for all Siteground customers as tension free.  You can read the Siteground review for more details.

If you are busy, you can use the website transfer service by contacting the Siteground support team. They will do everything for you for the first site. 

Now i can manage all my WordPress sites from a single place because of the Migration plugin from SiteGround.

I think this tutorial is very helpful to start the migration process without taking any support from other WordPress experts. If you have any other questions about migrating wordpress sites to SiteGround with Migrator plugin, you can write in the comment section below. I will try to help you from my side. vente de viagra naturel maroc