How to Save Money on Web Hosting Renewals for a WordPress blog?

If you’re a blogger then you must have a website or blog. There are times when most of us witness an uneasy process of web hosting renewals. Though some folks find it easy hence, there is nothing much to talk about.

But there are reasons where we keep things out for the public in regard to help them and prevent making a wrong decision while renewing web hosts. Most of us either end up paying more for the renewals or pick a host that is undoubtedly the filthiest web host with not so good review about it.

how to save money on web hosting renewals for wordress users

To make the web hosting renewals an easy process for you. We have gathered some information with an in-hand experience that we’ll be sharing through the article.

You must have known this fact that a Linux based hosting is cheaper than the windows based server. Almost every Linux based hosting offers you the capabilities of a Cpanel which literally extend the installation of a WordPress website.

Getting ahead with popular web hosts. If you hunt down the search for a web host you’ll defiantly come across many web hosting companies offering discounts. There are a few we thought to list them out for you.

Best 3 Ways to save money on Web Hosting renewals

1. Buy Web Hosting for longer periods:

When you have a plan to look out for another host other than existing web hosting consider these points before you hop on.

  • Features: Ensure that you get the best features such as disk space, SS Drive, bandwidth, CPU, memory, SSL certificate, and the most important number of visitors to your website/blog.
  • Price: Not a primary concern but the price should be checked for a year or two at a glance.
  • Support: Perhaps the most important aspect is the support. Check whether the web host offers phone support, online chat support or email support.
  • Speed: A blog/website generally takes 3 seconds to load completely. Check if the speed is good enough for the fast loading of your website. Although, Google strictly recommends having a web host from a reputed company which would be a crucial factor for search engine ranking and overall user experience.
  • Uptime: Generally every Web host claims to offer 99.9% uptimes. And very few are there to maintain the ratio. Read reviews and check from various sites and choose a host that comes to offer better uptime.

If you ask us about the tenure of web hosting. We would suggest you go for 3-years plan. It will let you save a lot of money on web hosting renewals for WordPress blogs.

2. Seek discounts from the existing web host

  • We all know major web hosting companies offer various discounts in order to attract more customers. But these discounts cannot be availed by the existing customers. For instance, if you have brought the web hosting for a year and now, it’s due for renewal.
  • You must be wondered what shall you do now? Literally, you can call them up on phone and let them know if they can offer you some discounts in order to renew the existing web hosting for another few years.
  • It would be an instant success and the web hosting support team has to offer some percentage of discount in order to retain a customer.

3. Look out for an alternative web host with better features

  • If they do not offer any discounts for hosting renewals. It’s time to look for another way else.
  • Many web hosts offer discounts with a great price and free migration service.
  • You can look consider choosing the best among the above-listed web hosting companies.
  • Rushing into buying a hosting without proper research can be awful and choosing the wrong web host often comes with lots of unusual experience and headaches.
  • In order to pick the right one that can fulfill your current hosting needs.
  • We would suggest you dig deep and research them out. In case you don’t have time for it you can always go with the above 5 best web hosts.
  • A web host offers free migration in order to save your time and effort they just need your Cpanel credentials in order to migrate the entire website database to a new host.
  • It’s a free process and almost every web host does it for free.


When a blogger makes the initial steps perhaps, he is not aware of the essential cost involved to set up a self-hosted blog. While this may end up buying a web hosting with unnecessary resources. However, the web hosting renewals are high at most times and most of us want to save money. This means when you buy web hosting services for a longer period of time, the price drastically comes down. Also look for the best web host that has better plans, service, and review out there on the web. 

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