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SiteGround Pricing: How much does Siteground cost?

Are you looking to know the details of Siteground Pricing? If yes, you are in the perfect place to know the details of Siteground hosting prices.

Being one of the topmost hosting providers in the shared hosting industry among all the other Hosting companies. It also provides cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, and WordPress hosting along with Shared Hosting services. 

Siteground web hosting company comes with effective hosting packages and offers hosting plans.

The pricing plans of Siteground are the same as other web hosting companies like iPage, Bluehost, Hostgator and DreamHost.

But the WP Engine hosting provider is a little bit expensive but it is a perfect price for their services.

Each hosting package in the Siteground is of different prices. Here are the detailed pricing plans of each hosting in the Siteground.

how much does siteground cost you - Siteground pricing

The SiteGround Hosting is the Best WordPress hosting among all the other hosting services.

Hundreds of web hosting services for WordPress users are working on the web by providing their best services and support. 

Siteground Pricing

As we know the SiteGround Web hosting service has shared hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud, and dedicated hosting.

You can choose your hosting based on the performance of your website. Because Siteground offers hosting plans at cheaper rates.

Most of all you can use the Shared hosting plan unless yours is a big site with high traffic or if you use high resources for your website. 

Most of the Web hosting providers are providing one Free domain name for one year along with their features like Free SSL certificate, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, hosting space, Email accounts and one-click WordPress installation feature.

But Siteground is mainly concentrating on speed by using their advanced caching technology. This website hosting company knows the importance of ranking in all search engines.

So they are getting thousands of positive hosting reviews are publishing from their customers already. But The Siteground does not providing any free domain name when you buy any website hosting plan.

Shared web hosting prices

The shared hosting plan of the SiteGround has three different plans included in it in which you can choose based on the number of websites you can host and the amount of bandwidth you require for each website.

The three plans in the Shared hosting of the SiteGround are the StartUp plan, the GrowBig plan, GoGeek plan.  

choose the plan
Siteground hosting plans

If you want to host a single website in the shared hosting with a limited GB, you can opt for the StartUp plan of the SiteGround Shared hosting which offers you hosting at a price of $6.99 per month with a 10GB of storage in the server.

In any of the plans in the SiteGround, the traffic of the website is not limited. you can have a privilege of unlimited traffic for your website.

SuperCacherNO YES YES
cPanel Dashboard YES YES YES
Regular Backups YES YES YES
Priority support NONOYES
Get PlanGet PlanGet Plan

If you want to go a little high for a 20GB storage,  you can choose the GrowBig plan in which you can also host unlimited websites with additional features.

This plan costs you $9.99 per month. The other plan namely GoGeek gives you a 30GB of storage at a price of $14.99 with many additional tools. 

If you have any problem technically the support team will help you.

WordPress hosting prices

The WordPress hosting plans are the same as the Shared hosting plans.

They also include the StartUp plan, GrowBig plan, and the GoGeek plan and the pricing is the same as the Siteground shared hosting plan.

choose the plan

The features offered in WordPress hosting are as follows for your WordPress site. The Fast WordPress launch, which lets you install WordPress for your websites hosted in the SiteGround automatically.

With this, you can make your site function within minutes. In the WordPress hosting, you will also have the privilege to have free WordPress transfer using migrator plugin and also the website builder.

You will also get managed security and updates and unmatched WordPress performance. 

Siteground Cloud Hosting Plans and Prices

Cloud Hosting is chosen for its stability and performance. For the plan, you purchased in the Siteground cloud hosting you can also add additional resources to improve the capability of your hosting plan. 

It has 4 different plans that are Entry plan, Business plan, business plus plan, and the Enterprise plan. Each of these plans has a different memory capacity and different core CPUs.  

Siteground Managed Cloud Hosting
Siteground Cloud Hosting Plans

The Entry plan has 2 CPU cores and 4 GB memory with 40 GB SSD space.

If you want additional core you can choose the business plan which has 3 Central Processing Unit (CPU) cores and 6GB Memory with 60GB SSD storage.

You can also opt for the Business Plan and Enterprise plan. 

Dedicated Server Prices

If your website needs a dedicated server, the SiteGround is the perfect choice for you. In the dedicated hosting, you will have three different plans that are Entry server, Power server, and the Super Power Server. 

Siteground DEDICATED HOSTING plans
FeaturesEntryPower Super Power Action
SSD Storage480 GB 960 GB 2×960 GB Get the Plan
RAM16 GB32 GB 64 GB Get the Plan
CPU Cores44 2×6 Get the Plan
Bandwidth10 TB10 TB 10 TB Get the Plan
  • SSD Storage: Solid State Drives (SSD) useful to store your information and helps you to load the site faster.
  • RAM: Random Access Memory stores the data temporarily. it helps you to run your site when requested before deleting the request once complete.
  • Bandwidth: It is the transfer process of your site’s data from the server to the user system when he opens your site.

SiteGround Web Hosting Prices

Hosting PlanStart PriceEnd PriceAction
Shared$3.95Month$34.95/MonthGet the Plan
Cloud$80 / Month$240 / Month Get the Plan
Dedicated$269 / Month$729 / Month Get the Plan
WordPress$3.95 / Month$34.95 / Month Get the Plan


If you are opting to choose a hosting for your new website it is always better to choose the shared hosting plan. In that, you can choose according to your website requirements.

If yours is a website with heavy traffic you can choose either the Siteground’s cloud hosting or the dedicated server based on your requirement. If you are planning to start an online shop, This hosting is perfect for your online business growth.

You can opt for the WordPress hosting if your first preference is WordPress Content management system.

The SiteGround doesn’t provide you free domain names hence you need to put extra bucks for the domain name.

SiteGround also provides a 30 day money back guarantee for those who want to cancel the account within the 30 days of purchase.

Before choosing a suitable plan, you have to check their features carefully. I think the above Siteground pricing details are helpful to pick a suitable plan for your needs.

SiteGround Pricing

Speed u0026amp; Security
24/7 Customer support


Siteground is not owned by the EIG group. It is one of the biggest and fast servers web hosting companies. Its headquarters are located in Sofia (in Bulgaria) and its data center is located in Chicago. Their Customer service priority is very good and they are showing their customer reviews on various sites.