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SiteGround Review: Best Web hosting for better Speed

From one web host to another, trying to find the best web hosting deals?  Tired of paying more for the same thing and want to cut down your web hosting bills? Do not worry about uptime and speed. Here the SiteGround Review helps you to pick the best service as per your requirements.

great uptime

The latest web hosting promotion at SiteGround hosting can be a good choice, they are with a 70% discount right now. If you are worried about disk space and speed right now. Here is the perfect web hosting company.

Siteground is not owned by the EIG group. It is one of the biggest and fast servers web hosting companies. Its headquarters are located in Sofia (in Bulgaria) and its data center is located in Chicago. Their Customer service priority is very good and they are showing their customer reviews on various sites.

They are providing shared hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, VPN hosting, and dedicated hosting. If you are using shared hosting already and suffering from high traffic spikes, you can switch the plan from shared to cloud hosting with a single click by adding more resources without rebooting easily.

Switch to SiteGround and create a new account and get it at $6.99 per month special offer price.

SiteGround hosting is now more easy to host with and more affordable in price. Choosing the best WordPress hosting for beginners is the first success in online presence.

This web hosting plan is now more comfortable to host with than before, and it’s now with an unlimited hosting plan and allows multiple domains web hosting. Of course, choosing a domain name is an essential part of the launching of a new blog.

It’s with cPanel and latest features, and this SiteGround hosting is now 70% off.

Why SiteGround Review?

Just spare a few minutes here. I will explain the following points in this SiteGround Review 2020.

  • How much does hosting cost?
  • What’s the difference between StartUp, GrowBig & GoGeek?
  • Do I get to choose a server location?
  • What are the pros and cons of using them?
  • Which is the best plan for WordPress sites?
  • Will they take automatic backups of my site?
  • Does it come with SSD? What about CDN & SSL?
  • Will they help transfer my website over to them?
  • What’s their SuperCacher plugin for WordPress like?

The prices of the SiteGround Web hosting starts at the lowest prices (from $6.99 per month, down from $14.95 a month).

By clicking this link, you can host your website for only $6.99 per month(down from $14.99 a month).

In 2018, SiteGround achieved the incredible 98% Client Satisfaction rate! This is the fourth year in a row that their rate is growing.

The company keeps its dedication to customer happiness its number one priority.

Their team worked on multiple projects during 2018 to extend the tools they offer to customers, make the client onboarding experience better, enhance the performance of their sites, and stop millions of security threats.

SG banner

SiteGround is a free web hosting organization established in 2004. They are located in Bulgaria yet provide hosting markets all over the world. SiteGround positions themselves as an organization offering brilliant, “well-quality” hosting provider.

Powerful Solutions Built-in house

The SiteGround creates in-house solutions that make your sites run faster and stay safe. The teams unique approach ensures a superior and smooth website management experience.

Fully-managed service

The offer managed hosting that saves your work and empowers you to focus on building and managing your sites. Technical superiority

Technical superiority

Developing smart in-house software solutions and adopting innovative new technology that makes our clients’ sites faster and safer is our passion and our craft.

Security-first mindset

The dedicated security experts proactively write custom patches and rules to our WAF that stopped multiple identified-yet-unresolved third-party software vulnerabilities.

If you are choosing a free hosting platform like a blogger, there is no guarantee to your data. So you have to choose the right hosting by reading this review. If you find plenty of hosting reviews on the web, practically Siteground achieved great success from a few years.

Here is the SiteGround hosting review. Read this review carefully before picking the new account plan.

SiteGround offers a range of hosting going from shared Linux hosting (the reasonable, adaptable kind used by most sites) the Cloud, WordPress, and Reseller server answers for extensive, developing sites.

You can be choosing the right reseller hosting plans at affordable prices herewith efficient servers.

They are one of the quickest developing web hosting services. It can be found out about them by means of their development and contribution in the WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and other marketing networks.

What are the Pros of SiteGround?

There are great deals of SiteGround reviews on the web–most of them are reviews based on general user experiences.

Selecting the best hosting for the affiliate marketer’s first choice is SiteGround.

There are so many great web hosting services. So picking a web hosting provider is vital to succeeding for successful online presence.

It’s about an ideal choice for your website hosting dependent on your objectives, spending plan and expertise.

Here are pros for considering SiteGround as your personal web hosting.

1. Speed and Performance

When somebody types in your site’s web address, the browser requests your web hosting server for the web files.

While there is a ton of factors that are considered to deal with site speed, it’s basically your hosting server’s business to send the asked files to the user as fast and as expected under any circumstances.

SiteGround makes a lot of guarantees about site speed throughout their site. Also, from every one of the tests that are performed, they satisfy what they guarantee.

One of the primary elements of site speed is Time To First Byte (TTFB)–ie, how rapidly the server sends the main byte of the full file to your browser as fast as demand.

Along with its fast server, SiteGround has significant servers over–Chicago, London, Amsterdam, and Singapore.

This plays a major role that the physical separation that your site files need to travel matters. Many other web hosting companies consequently serve out clients to their one server–frequently someplace amidst the US.

That is fine if a large portion of your clients is in North America. If your audience is locally somewhere else on the planet, you need your site files receiving near them.

Finally, SiteGround completes strong work with an allotment of resources. By the name defines, a shared hosting server is sharing resources among a few clients. So it’s basic to get the allotment right.

Many hosting companies will set low memory data on sites to keep control of sites. But the SiteGround many times allows the best space for your site with updated software.

The WordPress 5.0 version brought new key features and generated a lot of buzzes and some fears around the new Gutenberg editor.

As always, SiteGround went the extra mile as a web host to transition to Gutenberg smooth and risk-free for its users.

They closely monitored the results of the update and installed the previous Classic Editor plugin as an option, so users can have the flexibility to choose which one to use at any moment.

2. SiteGround’s performance

SiteGround has a list of capabilities–particularly if you are a technical one. They will provide you with unlimited databases and unlimited email accounts.

They do regular website backups, which is helpful in keeping your data safe when your very own backups come up short. SiteGround likewise uses an industry-standard cPanel to deal with your server and have a straightforward client account back-end.

Choosing the best hosting is very important. Because the hosting backups are similar to web insurance. The Siteground is providing a very good website backup feature in a regular manner. If anything wrong with the website, you can restore the backup with a single click anytime from the easy to use Control Panel (cPanel) to avoid data loss.

For GrowBig/GoGeek sites, website transfer is done free by the hosting company, and they will provide you with a free site builder. They put them above some outstanding hosting brands.

SiteGround has numerous features that are developer-oriented. They incorporate well with CloudFlare’s Content Delivery Network (CDN). At their “GoGeek” plan, they free PCI and free Git and organizing regions–the two of which are genuinely valuable to have incorporated.

The Cloudflare content delivery Network is another added advantage that speedup the site speed. Because the CDN has multiple data centers all around the world nearly more than 120 centers.

Siteground is using CentOS Linux for their services. But shared hosting plans come with a simple Control Panel.

Using SSL is very important for better online presence. It is one of the main SEO ranking factors. SSL certification is not only for online stores, which is mandatory for every website in 2020 to protect from personal IP address attacks. 

In 2018, SiteGround was extremely successful in keeping client’s sites well secured. They responded to 3 times more threats compared to last year. Statistically, they:

  • Wrote 250 new custom firewall rules
  • Added 125 live patch-kernel modules
  • Mitigated 186 DDOS attacks
  • Stopped 7 million brute-force attacks
  • Stopped 160M bad bot requests towards client’s sites
  • each day with their anti-bot AI solution

What are the Features of SiteGround?

To highlight, SiteGround WordPress staging feature, it plays a highlighted role in the GoGeek plan is genuinely valuable that if you have a high traffic site.

It is hard to set up a live site by editing the non-live version of it and pushing it to live.

  • They provide this feature in the SiteGround hosting which helps in editing high traffic sites without losing the live traffic while editing.
  • Choosing a website builder for beginners is very easy here. because it comes with drag and drop featured website builder.
  • Most users like how they have an importance on the most famous CMS’s like WordPress and Joomla.
  • They don’t use features of WordPress or Joomla within the builder but; they show us how the features in SiteGround help our websites perform better with WordPress and Joomla.
  • SiteGround has a free SSL that takes off within one click. This expels a major difficulty in running HTTPS/SSL with WordPress.
  • They additionally have coordinated with CDNs like Cloudflare.
  • They’re taking off interests in PHP 7, NGINX, built-in CDN and Caching, HTTP/2.

SiteGround offers an all-inclusive performance solution for WordPress sites with its unique SG Optimizer plugin.

With its powerful caching capabilities and new front-end and image optimization features, it optimizes the performance of WordPress sites so much that you can see speed gains between 20% and 500% depending on the site you run!

There are more security features that are offering from SiteGround like SG Site Scanner, AntiSpam tools, Spam Assassin, Hotlink protection, and IP address blocklists. You can use those tools to scan your site to make your site clean and secure.

Client Support

Like referenced in other hosting surveys, exploring client support is uncertain. The best and most negative reviews by the customers are commonly useless.

No one can really tell when issues are client caused or when somebody basically experienced that one astonishing/shocking situation.

Many users had a very good experience with SiteGround. In any case, that is extremely irregular. Their customer support feels good when your problem is genuine and the SiteGround really has something to deal with. The hosting has specially developed Managed hosting for WordPress users and for eCommerce sites.

Siteground customer support is much unparalleled. You can use their live chat or phone support to contact the support team to resolve your issues with top-notch Customer Services. When you start accessing these supportive channels, you will be notified about how many customers are in the queue and its waiting time.

In fact, the Siteground customer support is completely customer-focused with well trained, knowledgeable, and supportive with a 99.7% happy rating.

SiteGround does particularly well with a couple of users who create their own problems. To start with, they are straightforward and responsive over the scope of channels–including telephone.

Building a new WordPress site on SiteGround’s platform is easy with its unique WordPress Starter plugin.

With it, you can quickly choose a professional-looking theme and add important functionality plugins to the site, all of which get automatically installed in a click.

You will no longer lose time wondering how to power up your site and get the look and feel you need. This is a perfect business hosting for ecommerce users.

Every time Siteground is concentrating on their response time improvement by comparing with its competitors regularly.

Every month the Siteground is testing their response time with their dummy accounts to measure their response time, attitude, and effectiveness.

What are the Cons of SiteGround?

When compared with many other web-hosting providers, SiteGround provides limited storage

  • Pricing is a little high than another hosting
  • Magento and OpenCart plans are nearly equal to a basic plan with little-improved features

What are the SiteGround’s Plans and Pricing?

Siteground hosting is a very famous web hosting plan and their shared web hosting plan is no exception all. This cPanel hosting plan is with all the latest features and tools inside, and it’s now at the best price too.


Siteground is the web hosting service provider and it comes with different web hosting plans. You can install WordPress on any shared hosting plan at Siteground with one click. The installer like softaculous in Cpanel is an excellent feature to install WordPress easily.

The Siteground costs $6.99per month with easy to use Cpanel, unlimited Bandwidth, SSD storage, and limited storage space. This is for a single website. The hosting services are providing a Free SSL certificate (Free SSL) to their clients. If you need more web hosting space to host multiple sites, you have to upgrade Gogeeks or GrowBig web hosting plan.  These three plans come under Shared web hosting plans. For GrowBig, you have to pay $5.95 per month for 10 websites.

Here the discount is applicable to different percentages.

The perfect choice for every webmaster and blogger is the GrowBig plan. So better to pick this plan. Here you can host unlimited websites in this plan. But it has a limited web up to 20GB only.

This Siteground coupon site brings you the best coupon code and special discount price always, and we have some Siteground reviews and customer feedback too.

I give the SiteGround Shared Hosting Plans and pricing below.

choose the plan

Which Hosting Plan is suitable for You?

I think you got an idea after reading this SiteGround Review 2020. Hopefully, you are in a better position to choose the best Shared Hosting plan as per your requirements. But do not forget to upgrade the plan to a higher plan later. The Siteground hosting packages for WordPress users are affordable.

Personally, I suggest the shared hosting plans…

  • StartUp Plan: If you are running a simple static or HTML site, this is a perfect choice.
  • GrowBig Plan: If you are planning to start a WordPress, Joomla, and any other CMS-based sites, this is a good choice.
  • Go Geek Plan: If you are planning to run an eCommerce site, or if you need WordPress/Joomla staging and Git features, this is a perfect plan.

By clicking this link, you can host your website for only $6.99 per month(down from $14.99 a month).

If you are using a shared hosting plan and getting more visitors every day, it is better to go for cloud hosting or a VPN plan. Because these upgraded plans come with many more resources for better traffic control and user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is SiteGround?

SiteGround is one of the most popular web hosting service provider companies. It offers a wide range of services like Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, High-Performance WooCommerce Hosting, and Reseller Company along with dedicated servers and Enterprise hosting. The company was founded in 2004, and it hosted more than 1,900,000 domains worldwide. It is an independent company (Not owned by EIG). The headquarters are located in Chicago, Singapore, London, and Amsterdam.

Is there any Money back Guarantee choice?

Yes. They offer a full refund within 30 days if you cancel your service within the first 30 days only. It does not cover domain names, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting services.

What are the Payment modes they Offer?

The SiteGround offers the payment mode via Credit cards like Mastercard and Visa and you can pay via Paypal. Payments should be one year, two, and three years. You can purchase a monthly plan along with a setup fee.

What about Free Website Migration Service?

If you are running a website/blog in another hosting, here the hosting company offers a Website migration service free of cost. They will do this service without downtime. The migration service includes WordPress and Joomla-powered websites. To grab this service, you need to submit the migration request from the SiteGround account customer area. You can contact me anytime for additional support. The support team always ready to solve your issues around the clock with a 24/7 support system.

How can I contact the support and its time?

Yes. If you are facing any technical issues with your website, they are ready to give service 24/7 support system. They provide a new account onboarding help, site issues at any time via email/by rising support ticket (You can expect a reply within 10 min), live chat, and by phone.

What about Free SSL and CDN system?

Yes. All SiteGround StartUp hosting plan comes with a Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certification. Wildcard SSL Certificate comes with GrowBig and GoGeek plans. Free Cloudflare CDN is also included with all hosting plans.

Pros and Cons of Siteground Hosting


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free site migration service
  • Free daily automatic backups & restore
  • Recommended by
  • Free SSL certificate & Cloudflare CDN


  • Limited data storage
  • Strict data over-usage policy

Final Words

In conclusion, SiteGround offers a full range of hosting solutions. In the event that you have a quickly developing site, you can develop your site with them from StartUp to an Enterprise Dedicated Server.

Most of the web hosting providers provide free domains with hosting accounts. But Siteground does not provide, reliable web hosting solution that powers your website. For this, you have to pay the fee for domain registration on GoDaddy separately. Bigrock is another leading provider of domain registration and hosting services.

SiteGround Review

Satish Ithamsetty

Siteground banner 4
Siteground is not owned by the EIG group. It is one of the biggest and fast servers web hosting companies. Its headquarters are located in Sofia (in Bulgaria) and its data center is located in Chicago. Their Customer service priority is very good and they are showing their customer reviews on various sites.
Easy to use
Speed and Security
24/7 Customer support


If you are considering about free domain name, Siteground does not provide it. Other hosting providers like Bluehost, Hostgator, Dreamhost, and Inmotion hosting are providing this feature with unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth features with their hosting. If you compare to other web hosts like HostGator, the web hosting packages are very cheap. If you consider this point, you must read these comparisons like Siteground Vs Bluehost, Siteground Vs Hostgator, and Siteground vs Dreamhost. As performing sites, on the off chance you are thinking of around what your hosting can do–as utility and site cost, at that point, SiteGround is amazing. If you worry about the bandwidth and traffic this is a perfect choice. If you are already using this hosting and getting more traffic to your site, better to upgrade your hosting package from Siteground.
You can choose SiteGround as your personal web hosting service for your high traffic site now.