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How to enable Siteground SuperCacher for my WordPress site?

The SiteGround is a hosting better known for its speed of loading. The speed of the website is so important for your website in which SiteGround hosting gives its best. The UPS of Siteground is excellent. USP means Uptime, Support, and Pros.

Without better loading speeds the website will get a huge bounce rate and if yours is a business website you will likely face more reverts in your sales.

How to enable siteground supercacher
How to enable siteground supercacher

Siteground developed supercacher advanced technology. By using this technology thousands of Siteground customers are feeling happier.

The SiteGround in its built-in functionalities also includes cache technology this is called supercacher technology, which is a SiteGround Supercacher tool.

In this tool, there are two working for you. They are supercacher and sg optimizer plugin. SG Optimizer is one of the best WordPress speed optimization plugins, it works with Sitegrround hosting.

You can use this tool to build the cache for your website. By building a cache for your websites your page speeds will increase. 

I have been using Siteground for 2 years now. If you are planning to migrate your blog from your old hosting to Siteground, the Siteground WordPress Migrator plugin helps you transfer all your sites here with a simple click and Supercacher plugin for WordPress helps you to make your pages load faster.

What is Caching?

Caching is a technique of saving the data of your website in the RAM. For example, if you are revisiting any website the loading time is a bit quicker than the first time. It is due to the data saved in your RAM which is called back when you revisit any website. This process of saving website data in the RAM of your computer is called Caching. 

How Caching speeds up your websites?

In the present day internet conditions, your website is considered fast enough only when it loads below 5 seconds. And the users also tend to visit only such websites with high page speeds.

When you enable the cacher tool for your website you will save your data in the RAM of the user. Thus when the user accesses your website later, your page speeds will be good due to the cached data. 

The page speeds will mostly affect your business when your website loads more than 3 seconds. The user will simply lose interest in your website and you will lose a potential sale. 

What is SiteGround SuperCacher?

The SuperCacher is the site improvement tool developed by the SiteGround. This tool helps in creating cached data for your websites at the end-user.

The SuperCacher helps you in boosting your page speeds  4 times by 3 easy methods which are easy to enable and optimize your site. 

host with SG

Caching types of SuperCacher

SiteGround SuperCacher offers three different types of caching. Below are the caching types of the SuperCacher of SiteGround in which you can enable anyone at your convenience. The caching methods of SuperCacher are the Static Cache, Dynamic Cache, and the Memcache. 

a. Static cache

It can be enabled by any website hosted in the SiteGround. In general, your website will be already installed with the SuperCacher with the static option enabled. This option will create a copy of your website data in your visitor’s memory. This will make your web page loading at your user area faster. 

b. Dynamic cache

The cache is for the websites that are using the Content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, and Magento. 

It will create multiple copies of the site’s dynamic content. This created data is stored in the server’s RAM and this data will work when the user accesses your website. This cache will work along with the Static cache by which the loading of page speed gets much faster. 

c. Memcache

The Memcache is useful to cache database queries. It stores the data in the SiteGround server RAM and will speed up your database. 

How to enable SuperCacher?

Here is a detailed guide to enable any caching method in the Siteground hosting SuperCacher. It is very easy to activate SuperCacher in your WordPress site.

To enable the SuperCacher in the WordPress site you need a correct plugin installed – The wordPress page Siteground plugin. The SiteGround developed the SuperCacher tool which you need to install beforehand you enabling the SuperCacher in SiteGround. 

To get better cache performance, you have to get built-in caching via Siteground’s Supercacher. This web hosting offers a special plugin called SG Optimizer for better performance tweaks. 

Step 1: Go to Control Panel

firstly access your SiteGround cPanel and click on the SuperCacher under site improving tools. Here are the supercacher settings and how to configure.

activate supercacher
activate supercacher

Step 2: Enable Static Cache

activate static cache

After clicking the Supercacher option you will see a block with three different levels. Click on the level one, Varnish Static Cache. You can see all your domains hosted in your hosting in this panel. By default, all the websites will be enabled with these cache option. 

Step 3: Enable Dynamic Cache

Dynamic varnish cache adding
Dynamic varnish cache adding

If you are using WordPress or any CMS you can enable the Dynamic Cache for your site. To enable this, you have to click on the Varnish Dynamic data in the SuperCacher panel. By default, all options will be disabled. If you need to enable you can click on the button beside the option.

Step 4: Enabling Memcache

Memcache credentials activated
Memcache credentials activated

To use the Memcache cache to speed up database calls, you can click on level 3: Memcache in which you can enable the Memcache. When you enable this option, all your sites in the hosting will be enabled with Memcache. viagra levitra cialis difference

You need to install a plugin SG optimize (Siteground supercacher plugin) to use this Memcache. If you have any conflicts in this setting, you can contact the supportive team on the official WordPress forum platform including Siteground officials.


The SuperCache is one necessary tool that you need to enable for better page loading times. I have personally seen this tool doing great to my website itself.

The Siteground is working under the effective developed Siteground supercacher system.

These Supercacher and sg optimizer (Siteground optimizer) are the best-added feature in the Siteground web hosting. So Siteground offers effective web hosting plans.

Why I recommend this hosting, you can read these hosting comparisons.

So choose the best one as per your needs. You can read the complete Siteground review here for more details. The pricing of Siteground is very cheap. This is a perfect fit for you. If it is correct, just grab this Sitegroung hosting with a 70% discount immediately.